Gas Piping – NOT a DIY Job!Gas piping to an outdoor fire pit

Did you know that plumbers can fix more than just water pipes, but gas pipes as well? For many homeowners who want to install a new gas fixture to their home, or need emergency repairs they don’t know who to call. Some adventuresome homeowners may even attempt to perform the work themselves. Unfortunately, for many find the project to be a lot more complicated, time-consuming, and even dangerous than they originally anticipated.

Gas Piping Is A Job For Professionals

Poorly installed gas piping can cause damage to appliances, and can lead to leaks. Proper installation and sizing of gas piping are essential to the function of the appliance.

Gas piping installation requires a permit and inspection. The entity that governs the permitting process varies from city to city. Make sure that you have a discussion about permitting with your plumber prior to beginning work because permit fees also vary in price from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Improperly Installed Gas Piping Is DangerousProperly installed tankless gas water heaters and gas piping

Gas leaks can be a life threatening hazard, and can can result in poisoning, fires, or even devastating explosions. It is a much more exacting job than water piping due to the unwieldy and heavy nature of the material, and the precision required during the measuring and threading to do the job correctly.

Save yourself from the tedious and potentially dangerous task of installing a new gas piping. Call Rocket Rooter and rest assured that the job will be done right!

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