About Rocket Rooter

Plumbing emergencies can be a huge headache and source of stress for homeowners. We are the smart, professional, local, problem solvers.

“We boldly go where everyone has GONE before.” We do the dirty work so you don’t have to!

We hire local plumbers to service local homeowners. Local means fast, and when it’s an emergency fast is what you need.

Rocket Rooter can handle all your plumbing needs

Rocket Rooter is a full service residential plumbing company able to handle a full scope of plumbing projects, but with a specialized interest in providing homeowners with timely, affordable, and honest plumbing emergency services. We offer sewer pipe video, industrial hydro jetting of clogged sewer lines, and utilize industrial cable machines to get the homeowner’s waste system running in a timely manner. We also provide minor repairs to water and waste lines.

Rocket Rooter was launched in 2017, and immediately began providing professional quality residential plumbing services to property owners in the South Puget Sound.

Rocket Rooter is a Compass Plumbing & Drain Services brand. Compass Plumbing and Drain Services was founded in 2010 by Nick and Stephanie Mondrut in the city of Puyallup. The company is managed by Nick Mondrut (President of Field Operations) and Dillon Eugenio (President of Business Operations).

Nick has decades of plumbing experience managing several plumbing companies throughout the Western United States. Over the years, Nick has honed his plumbing trade as a technician but is more interested now in growing the knowledge and expertise of his own employees.

In 2013, Dillon was added to the Compass family to manage the development and growth of the company. Prior to coming to Compass, as a partner, Dillon was a project manager for a Seattle based general contractor.

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