Fixed Pricing with Options

Rocket Rooter technicians are equipped with high tech software and tablets to provide the best service, consistent pricing, and multiple options so you can choose the fix that is right for you.

Know the exact price of the job before we start work

Each technician has a tablet that organizes their work calendar, tracks the jobs, and houses our fixed pricing database. Our database has fixed pricing for commonly provided services and is vetted against local and national service plumbing prices on a quarterly basis. Consistent pricing means that you don’t have to worry if you’re being taken advantage of.

Our technicians also have the ability offer you multiple estimates to solve your problems. Our tablets are able to provide “good, better, best” options so that you can be in control of your solution and budget. Need a simple fix? We can offer repair, replace or upgrade options. You may find that replacing the fixture is nearly the same price! We give you the option to choose!

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