Parts and Labor Plumbing Warranty

We warranty parts provided and labor performed by Rocket Rooter for 1 year following the installation of a new product.

We will return at no cost to repair or replace any faulty parts or mistakes.


  • Drain clearing warranty is 90 days for drains cleared using a cable machine, and 6 months for drains cleared with a hydro-jetter.
  • Warranty void for abused or structurally damaged piping. Examples: crushed or broken pipes, grease or sludge filled pipes, tree root infiltration, or evidence of non-flushable items in pipes like diapers, rags, baby wipes, plastic items, etc.
  • Any issues caused by existing improperly installed plumbing that is not replaced or repaired by Rocket Rooter.

We guarantee our parts and work

Salvaged, repaired, or customer provided materials are not warrantied – our warranty is limited to new parts and labor provided by Rocket Rooter. Damages due to abuse or negligence are not covered.

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