Burst Pipes

frozen burst pipesIt’s 6am and you’re about to head out of the door for work when you hear a “hissssss.” You investigate all your faucets and fixtures but they’re off. Then you realize the noise is coming from below your feet in the crawlspace. In the cold of the night your pipes froze and created a crack in your pipes. What do you do? Who do you call?

What do you do?

Depending on how much potential water damage, it’s probably time to call in sick from work.

Here is a step-by-step to do list from American Family Insurance.

Turn off the water

Find the home’s main water valve and turn it off. Part of your home safety precautions should include making sure everyone in the family knows where the main shutoffs are for both water and electricity.

Call a plumber

Contact a professional as soon as possible. If a big chill has settled into your region, the plumbers will be super-busy — so make sure you let them know the urgency of your situation. Because a burst pipe waits for no one! (*A quick call to Rocket Rooter at (253) 200-4377 can save you thousands of dollars in water damage clean up and repair).

Drain the water

You’ve already turned off the main water, now it’s time to drain what you can out of the pipes. Turn on all the cold taps, then switch off the hot water heating system and turn on all the hot taps. Finally, flush the toilets until they don’t refill. The leaking should stop now.

Assess water damage

Depending on the extent of the leak, you might need to turn off the electricity to the water-damaged areas of your home. Don’t forget to look up and check the ceilings. If you see a bulge or a sag, this means that your ceiling is holding water and it’s not safe to be under it.

Clean up the water

If you caught the leak early and there’s no immediate danger, you can begin the clean-up while you wait for a plumber. A wet/dry vacuum will do a great job of pulling water out of carpets. If you don’t have one, you can always rent one. Dehumidifiers, towels, mops and buckets come in handy, too. Use whatever works best for your situation. (*If the task is too big, or too hazardous, please consider calling our trusted friends at Advanced Water Restoration at (206) 450-0990).

Contact your insurance agent

Once the immediate threat has been resolved, it’s time to connect with your insurance agent. They will determine if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage to your property. Your agent will walk you through your options and help you begin the claims process.

Who to call?

Rocket Rooter - frozen and burst pipes

Rocket Rooter, (253) 200-4377, residential emergency plumber. Open 24/7 because emergencies happen at all hours and on holidays.

Advanced Water Restoration - frozen burst pipes and flooding

Advanced Water Restoration, (206) 450-0990, flood water cleanup with a guaranteed 90-minute response time to customers in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Advanced bills your insurance company directly to relieve you of the billing and documentation nightmare.

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